He who lights a lamp for someone else, brightens his own path as well.



SS Peter And Mary Juniorate, Bishopscourt, Asaba is distinguished by both its quality of diversity and its oneness. Students in SS Peter And Mary Juniorate, Bishopscourt, Asaba represent various backgrounds, creeds, religions, races, cultures and nationalities , supported by a Reliable set of professional academic and non academic staff, who are happy and ever willing to guide and nurture them to know the creations, achievements, traditions and ideas of the past, which offer purpose for the present, and hope for the future.


SS Peter And Mary Juniorate, Bishopscourt, Asaba is a 21st century educational facility which embraces the principle that; “a man is the product of his environment”. The atmosphere is serene, beautiful, attractive, child friendly, conductive to teaching and learning, and it is well equipped. It boasts of the following amenities:

• Ultra modern ICT suit/laboratory Managed and powered by Rexous Technologies LTD

• Incomparable introductory Technology laboratory

• Appropriately furnished and equipped home economics centre

• Computer driven teaching and learning through the use of interactive white boards and computers in all classrooms and laboratories.

• Well equipped science laboratory.

• Well furnished and appropriately stocked library.

• Tastefully furnished and well appointed boarding accommodation

• Excellent sport and games facility

• Appropriate and fully equipped play areas for the different age groups

• Wheel chairs access for physically challenged individuals.

• Manicured lawns, gardens, and beautiful land scalped ground.

• Well trained and highly motivated professional teachers and support staff


The school has exquisitely furnished and well ventilated boarding houses located within the campus and church premises round by the priests and Bishop (proprietor). Facilities include common rooms, dining halls and mosquito free sleeping accommodation.

Our home away from home system provides the structure, discipline guidance and order, which growing youngsters need to develop self confidence, responsible attitudes and lifestyle.

All full-time academic staff at SS Peter And Mary Juniorate, Bishopscourt, Asaba are attached to the boarding houses and share the pastoral and supervisory responsibilities together with Priest and Bishop. Overall leadership is provided by the house parents supported by a resident house tutor.

Contact with parents is frequent, interim reports on wards are available either by phone or e-mail, in addition to house parents' general contribution to the timely progress, reports are sent at the end of each term.

House spirit is encouraged through various inter-house competitions and sporting activities, with points awarded for achievements. Development of emotional intelligence is encouraged through social integration and various events such as house dinners, ‘parents and family parties’ etc. students needing accommodations must be at least 7 years of age from their last birthday.